Page 1. SKIZCORP EXISTS to provide its customers an end to end service with a total different approach to Information Technology. 
SKIZCorp Consists of four divisions. Each of the 4 divisions work together to help businesses who aim to penentrate into the international market. 
Because  SKIZCorp is divided into seperate divisions, Each division has a seperate mission, so that division focuses on growing that division of your business. 
The SKIZCorp internal policy, Allows all aspects of business development for skizcorp clients who aquire service from multiple divisions of SKIZCorp. 
SKIZCorp is more focused on helping others achieve their goals through innovative solutions which will cause a great deal of impact when applied. 
Its why we are called SKIZCORP. SKIZ taken from the Ancient Greek language meaning to RIP, or RIPPER and CORP as we strive to be assertive, professional, up to date
and organised. 
Page 2. the proposition of our business is simple yet solid, Because each division specialises in a different area, 
so we are able to focus on providing. 
SKIZCORP: - Develop State of the Software Technology solutions / Internet web sites for organisations who are seeking to expand into the global market. 
  - Distribute a variety of High End Hardware Technology Products, Some of which are imported, and others which are locally sourced. 
          - Provide a number of solutions which are developed by one or several divisions of SKIZCOrp.
Seperates us from the others ? 
- Provide Language Translation services to help you communicate to all four corners of the world.  
- Provide Product outsourcing to thoses who wish to engage in import and export business activities.
- Manage the logistical process of companies Provide GLobal logistic and frieght fowarding solutions. 
SECTOR 2: NET   (Always online Networks)
- Provide: Professional customised LINUX hosting Solutions for companies with complex web sites. 
- Provide: Professional Off shore web hosting services, 
- Provide: Domain name registration, additional services such as website click streaming statistics, 
  search engine submisions at unbeatable prices (guaranteed). 
  computer room setup, including raised floor, UPS and CRAC to minimuse the chance of It Infrastructure hardware failure. 
- Sell whole sale Fibre optic cables at unbeatable prices (guarenteed). 
- Design Email and fax Campaigns and distribute them through out the internet. (approx 40,000 emails per minute)
- Multilingual Web Sites; Information Web Sites; Interactive Web Surveys; Interactive Educational Web Sites (e-learning);
  Online Shopping Web Sites (e-commerce); Online Business Web Sites (e-business);Online Communication 
  Web Sites.(web to fax; e-mail; SMS; telephone); Digital Magazines. 
- Specialise in the most innovative form of Digital new media Visual Impact Systems. (See below)
DTM (Digital turning magazine)
- A digital magazine service for PC's and Some MAC's (This magazine can provide a high return on investment
  to those who are seeking to provide information and products online. The magazine is a single downloadable file which can be viewed
  online and offline, furthermore it can be passed around to others as an email attachment. 
- Welcome to the New-media digital magazine development (to be continued)
- Provide very high performance Computer Systems, Servers & Peripherals (we have a perfect combination of hardware which is configured to have our 
  the systems we provide to organisations very reliable, stable and best of all have the power to perform. (recommended for corporate clients) 
- Microsoft Server Solutions, Linux Enterprise Systems
- Software Application Development: J2EE, C++, Visual Basic.
- Web Application Development based on PHP, Perl, CGI.
- Database Development: DB2, Web sphere, MYSQL, & POST SQL
- Customer Relationship Management Systems: ACT, Gold Mine.
- Customer Suppport Systems: OTRS(enterprise)level.  
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